Resignation Letter (Surat Berhenti Kerja Atas Sebab Peribadi)


Surat khas buat bos....
 Dear Boss,

You know why i want to resign?
Since i worked for you,i have no time to blog anymore.When i don't have time to blog anymore,my readers hate me.When my readers hate me,they don't visit my blog anymore,my hits drop.When my hits drop,i become unhappy.When i become unhappy,i will eat a lot.When i eat a lot,i will get fat.When i get fat,it will affect your company's image.When your company's image is affected,your business no good.When your bussiness no good,you become unhappy.When you become unhappy,you eat a lot,like me.When you eat a lot,i'm afraid you will become fat like me.

You see,Boss,it's a vicious cycle.I did everything for your own good,because i care for you,Boss.

So the conclusion is,i want to resign.Please let me go la.

Yours cheesily.