11 Interesting Uses For Herbs (Part 1)


Hi guys today i would like to share with you 11 surprising uses for herbs.I got this from health magazine and it might be useful for us so check this out.
Common herbs actually can be used to make our own natural,chemical-free for our perkakas rumah.Lagipon.this method have so many benefits.Ape lagi kalo bukan save our money la.

1.Smell buster (Nyah Bau)
Caranya ialah mix a few drops of antibacterial essential oil(seperti minyak lavender,teh atau rosemary) into some bicarbonate of soda.Pack the mixture into a sock (stokin) and stuff it(simpannya) in your trainers.Leave in overnight(semalaman) to deodorise.Kalo nak re-using that mixture just add extra oil.Senangkan?

2.Moth repellent (Pembasmi rama-rama)
Combine equal amount (jumlah yg sama) lavender,rosemary,clove(bunga cengkih) and lemon essential oil(patil) in a small bottle.Take everything out of your cupboards and wipe the interior with a damp cloth that's been sprinkled with a few drops of the oil blend.Also can sprinkle it on cotton-wool ball(bebola kapas),then place them in the wardrobe when you replace clothing.
3.Fabric softener(Pelembut fabrik)
This simple treatment will leave fabrics soft and fluffy without the cloying scent or artificial perfumes.
1 cup (250ml) white distilled vinegar
1 cup (250g) bicarbonate of soda
2 cups (500ml) water
10 drops rose geranium,lavender or lemon essential oil or eucalyptus essential oil(or a combination of your favorite oils)
a.Combine ingredients slowly and carefully over the sink,because the mixture will fizz.Pour into a plastic bottle and replace the lid.
b.Add 1/4 cup (60ml) to the final rinse or place it in the fabric softener dispenser of your washing machine.
4.Stain remover(Penghilang kotoran)
Eucalyptus oil is one of the most powerful natural antiseptic oils,but is also invaluable when it comes to removing stains - particularly grease and perspiration from clothing and other fabrics.Moisten a clean rag with a little oil and dab the stain from the edge to the middle,then launder as usual.
5.Dishwashing liquid(Pencuci pinggan mangkuk)
When washing dishes,add a tablespoonful of this aromatic dishwashing liquid to hot water.As this is a soap,it does not produce as many suds as detergent,but is still very effective.
3 tbsp liquid Castile Soap
2 cups (500ml) warm water
2 tbs vegetable glycerine
2 tbsp distilled white vinegar(cuka putih)
10 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops grapefruit essential oil (or eucalyptus)
Caranya mix all the ingredients in a jar,cover and shake well to blend.Store in a plastic squeeze bottle.If you don't want to make your own dishwashing liquid from scratch,buy an unscented,undyed,phosphate-free detergent from your local health-food or organic store(kat farmasi mesti ader punye).Add your own essential oil plus a couple of a sprigs of matching herb,decant into a pretty bottle and enjoy your washing up!

Source : rdasia