True Love


Hi guys...I'm back.Today,i just wanna give you a tips to find the true love.I get this from my email - my friend sent this to me and because i'm concern to my followers so i love to share with them..hehe.Hope you'll enjoy reading it!!!

5 Philosophies of Life

"Don't let someone become a priority in your life....
when you just an option for them."
"Never cry for any relation in life because for the one whom you cry does not deserve your tears...
and the one who deserves will never let you cry."
"Treat everyone with politeness even those who are rude to you,
not because they are not nice but because you are nice."
"Never search your happiness in others which will make you feel alone....
Rather search it in yourself you will feel happy even if you are left alone...."
"Happiness alway looks small when we hold it in our hand.....
But when we learn to share it,
We realize how big and precious it is!..."
"If you love something let it go.
if it comes back to you it's your,
if it doesn't,it never was...."
Friend and Lover
by Patricia Walter
Gentle and kind
You're on my mind.
Sure and strong
Don't mind being wrong.
So alive and aware
You always care.
Open and true
You help when i'm blue.
Friend and lover
you're like no other.

Pictures credit : Google