Paradise Ranch (Hot Drama)


Hi guys.My post today is about the latest Korean drama,Paradise Ranch also known as Paradise Farm but in Hangul it's called Pa-ra-da-i-seu Mok-jang.The drama was directed by Kim Cheol-gyoo and screenplay by Jang Hyeon-joo and Seo Hee-jeong.The drama genre is melodrama , romance and it still ongoing started on 24th( last monday).The set of this drama is at Jeju Island (the most beautiful island in Korea) and the cast of this drama also are well-known celebrities such as Changmin the member of DBSK as Han Dong-joo and
Lee Yeon-hee the popular actress as Lee Da-ji.The synopsis of the story - Dong-joo and Da Ji were once a couple who fueled by teenage passion and romance hurriedly married at 19.They found out 6 months later that teenage passion and ideals of romance are not what makes a marriage last and as quickly as they got married they had soon divorced.Six year later,they bump into each other in Australia,one being a accident prone but happy go lucky veterinarian and the other a spoiled rich young man on a mission to save his credit cards from being canceled by his grandfather.They both realize that they are there with the same purpose of buying the same horse and from that moment on their paths seems to cross quite frequently stirring the realization that their feelings for each other are still very much alive.But will they be able to understand one another or will they find out that they are not meant for each other.Watch and be taken on a funny yet sweet romantic story of two people who fate seems to have given a second chance.Hope you'll enjoy watching it!!!