If one day i became a rich man


If one day i became a rich man i'm really wanna buy a beautiful modern house.I could still remember when i was in high school, i've participated in 'create a bungalow model' contest.I never expect that i will win a 3rd place because i just make it for fun.Maybe it just my lucky day so i won it.So today i would like to show you my dream house if one day i really became a rich man.Maybe it sound ridiculous but who knows what will happen in the future.So it is not wrong for me to have a dream like this.But if we always dreaming without doing anything it can be a bad habit to us.So my advice is always set your goal and try to achieve it whether it is rational or not that is  different topic.So my dream house need to have a stylish design like this :

For my living room i just want a simple decoration like this :
And for my interior design i want my house is more bright so 50% of the wall is glass :
Lastly i would like if my bedroom have a big window with the couch,easy for me to do my work or it can be my resting place - sitting on the couch while watching the view of hill :
So this is my dream house,how about you?Hehe..i hope my dreams will come true.Until we meet again Aneyoong.. =)