Daebak!!! Daemul


Hurm...i'm just finished watching a drama call Dae Mul a.k.a Big Things/Big Fish.This drama is so fascinating because the plot of the story actually is unique - the drama shows the true side of political arena.The story is very interested,is about a women that lose her husband because of unfortunate incident.The things have change her life as a single mother who has passion in politics.No matter what obstacles that she been through she faced it not for her personal  interest but she's doing it for the sake of the citizen.Everyone who see the plot of this drama probably will addicted to see the next episode because Dae Mul have a strong plot compare to the others drama.The love element also has been added in this drama to attract not only adults but young as well to enjoy and love this new kind of drama.So for those who does not yet watching this drama,don't waste your time,hurry! download this drama if you don't want to be left behind.There's no word can praise this drama but anyway Daebak! and Good Job for everyone who involved in making  this drama.