CN Blue Single Album Re-Maintenance


Yes Yes Yes!!!This is what i waiting for.CN Blue unveiled their third album which is single Japanese 'RE-MAINTENANCE yesterday.If i'm not mistaken,from what i read in some of the article,even they don't have an official promotion but they've already managed their album in the second rank of Oricon Chart.This album promotion is very different from their korean promotion because CN Blue has ranked on the top ten Oricon's Chart only with their live performances.What are most fascinating is their already chosen as the artists whose debut Japanese music fans were looking forward to the most this year.For your information "RE-MAINTENANCE" have total four tracks :

(Click the song if you want to download)

The best thing is all the songs were written and produced by them - it shows that they have strong ability and incomparable talent to be on the top of the industry.So my wish is CN Blue will be more and more successful in the future.Hope you will enjoy my entry and have a good day.Aneyoong!