The Fastest Smart Phone In The World


We already knew LG has been making big plans to get into the smartphone industry with their upcoming lineup of smartphones. But this is something big; something perhaps not many saw coming. LG recently unveiled its upcoming Android smartphone, known as LG LU3000, which has turned to be one powerful smartphone.
We say this looking at the recent performance tests people ran and uploaded on YouTube, which soon after dazzled all over the web. Of these, there are 2 popular that are comparing the LG LU3000 with Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone 4 — two of the fastest smartphones available in the market.
The first video shows us all 3 mobiles — Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and LG LU3000 — browsing the internet and it is quite clear that LG’s LU3000 takes the cup. The second video shows us all 3 mobiles playing videos online and while starting the player in both LU3000 and iPhone took about the same time, LU3000 started playing much faster, which concludes LG LU3000 to be the best among 3 in round 2, as well.
While LG’s smartphone is going to be a Korea-only smartphone, experts expect LG to launch this handset in US soon. After this breakthrough and many more anticipated to come, one thing is for sure; this phone has a great potential and is expected to give a tough fight to Samsung Galaxy S and Apple’s iPhone 4 when it comes out.

Raw credit to suraj