Tron Legacy


Tron Legacy is the movie that i have waited for a long time.It was the story about a man who traveling in computer to battle digital world.It first premiered in 1982(i'm not born yet) and from what i've heard this movie is about a man who own the local arcade was raged against the multinational corporation ENCOM and then battle against the brain of computer.This forward-thinking idea has made us believe in seeing inside the computer and imagination beyond the logical mind.It is very impressive for the science fiction story and it is more entertaining because the creativity in some of visuals stunning added and the graphics also is actually not bad for the fantasy movie like this.The Tron Legacy was about Flynn the owner of the ENCOM and his son SAM.Flynn told his son about the Grid,world inside video game and how fascinating of that world.Sam was so excited and ask his dad to bring him to the Grid.
Flynn promised that one day he gonna bring his son inside the video game.The poor child waited for that moment but something happen and his father was missing without any news.This part is very sad actually.Then after several years later Sam who was a full grown man, follow his father step rebelling the ENCOM Corp.This boy who also a computer genius use his ability to hack the ENCOM software and make it public.ENCOM is planning to make the income from that software but the funny part is Sam make the software as a charity like his father.The scene become more exciting when Alan,his father's old friend received a page from Fynn's Arcade and then Sam try to figure out and find the secret access where he found Flynn's digital hideout.The action part when Sam need to fight with the programs and face a Grid Challenge.The movie also start to turn dramatic when Sam meets up his fathe and Quorra,an isomorphic program.
You brain will start exploding because this movie was over the sci-fic limitation.The word and the phrase are new.That's why some people said there's some element are stolen from the Star Wars Trilogies.Overall this movie is quite interesting and for those who not yet watch this movie i'm suggesting you watch 3D version because the effects and visuals are the key of the successful of this movie.Ok that's all for today's entry.Peace =)