Samsung Galaxy S


For my entry today i would like to share with you the advantages of Samsung Galaxy S.Samsung Galaxy S has many advantages even though there's many competitor such as LG and IPHONE.This fully touched handphone is not just for a call and message but it is more then just a phone.That's why some people call it smartphone.Do you know that this phone is like a mini computer that we can use for browsing,gaming and also for a communication like video chat and online game.So this is the list of the advantages after i've surveyed this phone Samsung Galaxy S :

1.The Gorilla Glass - very strong glass which is high resistant
2.1GHz - you can download and upload faster using internet
3.Light Weight - less then 150 g
4.Android - the latest android 2.2 and able to use more then 1000 hot application
5.Hi-memory - you can save more data like music,video and picture
6.Friendly user - it is easy to use because the navigation button can be customize
7.Hi-Quality Camera - 5 MP and auto focus
8.Easy Sharing - Popular application like facebook,twitter,google talk,skype and many more