Korean New Movie : You're My Pet


Have you heard the Japanese Drama ' Kimi Wa Petto' which casted the famous international actress , Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun of Arashi.Now it's time for korean version and for your information it is movie version which mean the story must be really interesting because 'Kimi Wa Petto' is actually adapted from Manga to Drama and now Drama to movie.The story is about a woman finds a man in a box in front of her home and takes him in. She jokingly says she wants to keep him as her pet since the man reminds her childhood dog. The man agrees. Later the woman discovers that the man is a dance prodigy. Complications arise when her old flame from college appears.Jang Geun Suk,will play Jun Matsumoto's role as a ballet dancer who dreams on becoming a musical theater actor and choreographer but one day he was beaten and put in a box infront a woman house.This romantic comedy movie will be directed by director Kim Byung Gon and it will be on air this year. You're My Pet also known as 'Neonneun Pet' is expected to be a hot movie in the South Korea.