Korean Cuisine


In this post i'm just wanna share with you the place that very interesting to eat the Korean Cuisine in KL.In Malaysia, Korean Food is not something new to us,where ever we go we can see so many Korean Food in shopping mall,food court or even in the highway.
The location that i want to share here is Pavilion in Bukit Bintang.In this shopping mall you can see many of Korean eats here.It is situated in the food court in the basement of this building.The price is also not too expensive but the place is too crowded especially on weekend because this place is very popular and there's so many choice of food here.
If you wanna come you have to book the table first then you can order your food here.Not only Korean Cuisine this place also have many kind of food like western, chinese , indian , malay , japanese and also arabian food.I'll hope this post can help you easily to figure out the place to eat with your family in this weekend .Good Luck.