Itaewon Murder Case


Have you heard about the Itaewon Murder Case or Itaewon Suicide.This korean movie was aired on 2009 September.This movie is not bad for those who like the thriller story haha.Actually this is not about the thriller it is a true story that happen in South Korea in 1997.Actually i'm just wanna share with you why this case become so complicated.First the reason is  because the prosecutor are judging the suspect only by medical report and the suspect statement but not investigate their crime scene properly,how the incident happen and find the evidence as much as possible to ensure the prosecuting is strong.As the prosecutor this is the task that he have to work for.  
When it come to the 'not enough evidence' situation then the prosecutor should refer to the evidence that he has and make it a rational and logic facts that related to the crime scene.If the facts is not convincing then prove it that it is logic and try to get the jury advantages.If the majorities of the jury have decided the suspect is plead guilty then the judge should sentences the suspect.So what happen here is when the suspect make an appeal for sure the court will allow it but the second hearing shouldn't be a place for suspect to use as an opportunity for running away from their sins.If the evidence is not enough then the effort of the prosecutor is still not enough.Then the case should be continuous until it can be solve.The problem is the prosecutor,judge,and the others look at this case as annoying and they close the case just like that.This show how bad the justice system in that time.This is some opinion from the legal practitioner:

Here is another reason why criminals shouldn’t fear the South Korean justice system:
A Seoul court has ordered that the South Korean government pay about $34,000 to the family of a murdered university student because local prosecutors mistakenly allowed an American suspect to return home, according to court officials.
The decision from early this week ends a seven-year fight from the victim's family, who was outraged that South Korean officials failed to stop Arthur Patterson, one of the two suspects in the case, from leaving South Korea, according to a family spokesman.
In April 1997, Cho Chong-pil was stabbed to death in a Burger King restroom in Itaewon. Investigators and experts at the time said the stabbing appeared to be random and similar to an American gang-style killing. Two American teens, Patterson and Eddie Lee, were charged in the case.
Patterson, the dependent of a contract worker for U.S. Forces Korea, was charged with possessing a deadly weapon and destroying evidence. He was convicted and sentenced to 18 months. Lee, who had no direct connection to USFK, was charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison. A higher court, however, reduced that sentence to 20 years and ultimately acquitted Lee for lack of evidence after he had served 18 months.
Patterson also was released early from prison in 1998, in the annual Aug. 15 liberation day amnesty granted by the South Korean government to some 2,000 convicts. Prosecutors promised to pursue the case and perhaps file a harsher charge against Patterson. Yet after his release from prison, he was allowed to leave South Korea, the court's ruling this week admitted.
Amazing someone originally convicted of a brutal murder and sentenced for 20 years is later released while his accomplice is later released as well by a special pardon.
For those not familiar with Burger King murder case here is a quick recap of the murder:
On April 3, 1997, Joong Pil and his steady girlfriend Jung Eun were on their way to her home in Itaewon after studying at the Kook Ki Won Library. They stopped to use the restroom at the fast food restaurant. Jung Eun went to order soft drinks and Joong Pil went into the restroom.
The motive for the murder was that Lee killed the victim just for fun. After killing Cho, Lee went back to the table and hung out again with Patterson like nothing had happened while Cho slowly bled to death in the restroom. Similar to the Penich murder case another cold blooded murderer was allowed to go free. Now both these punks are running around free in America instead of rotting in jail where they can’t kill anyone else just for fun.
The Jang Geun Suk's role is something that is hard to play but he made it.The acting is impressive and he speak english very well.
The moral of this story is we shouldn't take for granted on the justice issue because it will implicated to the community and the nations as well if we don't strive for it .So that's why the slogan of this movie is where the truth is lies.For those who not yet see this movie i'm suggesting you watch it and not forget to my special guest and visitor i wish Merry Christmas For All....Anyeonghaseyoo...