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                                                       LG Star - Fast and Reasonable price

Coming soon 2011. Many of the tablet and smartphone will compete with each other to enter the market. As a customer we only choose for the best.Hi-Speed internet,HD video,Hi-Resolution Camera and many more.This only can be find if we update with the latest innovation.So for my entry today i just wanna share with you all the artist impression of the future gadget.So have a look.
                                                              Tablet Motorola Android - Elegance and Efficient 

                                                           Blackberry Playbook - Smart and dual core processor

                                                                         iPhone 5 - Powerful and Entertaining

What do you think?Cannot wait for 2011?Haha this is just illustration but i will try to get more info and i will post all this gadget features in my next entry.See U Soon. =)