Enchantment Of Korean Drama


Nowadays Korean Drama has been so popular in many country.It become a phenomenon to anyone especially teenagers and adults as well.Even though we might have a difficulties in translating the language but it's not a big deal because what is the most important is the quality and the uniqueness of the story.That's why most of the Korean drama are successful and many of it has been imported to many country especially in Asia, Europe and also US.

The demand is very high because people has been addicted with the new scenario of the entertainment that brought from the South Korea.All this drama has their own strength because the producers always focused on their art and the impact on the audience to ensure the drama is alive.But in other country what is the most important to the producers is the beauty of the actors or actress and not the art of the drama.But the producers should be noted that how long will  the drama survive because of the beauty?It has to be alive because of the art and effort.

In Korea, HD Channel is normal because they have more then 100 HD channel but in other country it might be exclusive and limited.In Malaysia there are not so many Korean Channel and it is only in ASTRO (channel 391 & 393).So they have to download the drama and keep it is as a collection.The Broadcasting Chief of South Korea Kim Youngsil said they have planned to try the 3D for the drama to get more audience - drama lover in the future.