People usually tend to do their will and desires .Without considering if its the form of goods, hobby, activity or object, human always try to achieve it.Nowadays world concept has change, every goal or requirement must be achieved, whatever the prevailing conditions or constraints that we gonna be through.Every people have their own ambition such as leaders needs the power, people want the justice, drug addicts need an injection, the poor need the comfortable's life and all teenagers need their own freedom.All kind of this people must gone through a stage called the consistency.They may have difficulty to obtain what they desired if they skipped this stage or the level.Wherever there are elements that will be contrary to their wishes, such as conductors and inconductors.Somehow, only people who have an interest and willing to enter to this level was labeled with a positive attitude and constructive even though there are pros and cons.Everyday more and more people have reached their goal.How long it will last is not an issue but the most important is how to get it.Usually in our life people is more tend to their interest than their needs. My advice to all,wishes should be followed by a rational mind and not an obsession that beyond our limit because its only make our dreams become more difficult to achieve and can be impossible if we don't come to our sense.