Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 6


Written Preview for Episode 6:
Because of the unexpected kiss from Mu Gyul, Mae Ri is completely frozen. After her first kiss with Mu Gyul, Mae Ri cannot think of him without her heart beating faster.
Mae Ri finds out about Mu Gyul’s slave contract with the bitchy manager, and goes to ask Jung In for help. Jung In talks with the manager and asks her to release Mu Gyul. Mu Gyul gets upset with Mae Ri after he finds out that she has meddled and involved Jung In in his situation.
Mu Gyul goes to find Jung In to tell him to back off, the situation does not involve Jung In. As Mu Gyul is about to get even angrier, Jung In starts to strum the guitar, and Mu Gyul listens to Jung In’s passion and sincerity with respect to music. The following day, Mu Gyul signs a contract with JI Entertainment.
After much back-and-forth, the two men have reached an understanding. Now that they are working together as partners, the awareness arises again that Mae Ri stands between them. This causes both to recognize their own thoughts about this situation.
Jung In’s dad once again reminds Jung In that if he doesn’t get Mae Ri to choose him in the end, he will rescind the investment.
At the opening ceremony for the JI production, Jung In asks Absolute Mu Gyul to perform at the party. Even though Mu Gyul is unhappy about the request, he nonetheless complies. At the party, Mu Gyul sees Jung In and Mae Ri acting close with each other, arousing his jealousy. Afraid of having his fake marriage with Mae Ri revealed, Mu Gyul directly tells Jung In that his marriage to Mae Ri is real.
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